C++ support in AUTO



Hereafter you can find a patch for AUTO, adding support for customized compilation, including C++ linking. The patch has been tested with auto-07p-0.9.1. You may use the following commands to untar the original sources and apply the patch to them:

$ tar xvf auto07p-0.9.1.tar.gz
$ cd auto
$ patch -p1 < ../auto-07p-0.9.1-c++_support.patch

Note that you can directly apply the patch to your installed source code, if necessary, since the modified Python files are not influenced by the compilation stage.

Once patched, AUTO will recognize model files ending with .cc. You will also be able to pass a new make_vars dictionary parameter while loading the model. To compile C++ code, you must specify the associated C++ standard library, such as libstdc++ on GCC, using the LDFLAGS variable. You will also be able to configure the other AUTO variables influencing the compilation.

mvars = {'CXX':      'g++',
         'CXXFLAGS': '-std=c++1y',
         'OPT':      '-O3 -march=native',
         'LDFLAGS':  '-lstdc++'
model = load('bif-2d', make_vars=mvars)

The variables CC, CXX and FC controls the invoked compilers, FC also being used for the linking since AUTO is a Fortran program, OPT, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and FFLAGS control the general optimization and language-specific flags. LDFLAGS are applied to the linking stage.

Download the patch